About me:

I have over 10 years of experience in communications and development for both start-ups and non-profit organizations. Currently an independent social media consultant and writer, I provide friendly, integrated social media strategy, content creation, and digital communications services to clients.

I'm experienced with a range of social media services: everything from helping your company with figuring out which platforms to target, to social media strategy; to social media monitoring; to crisis planning; to in-company workshops and content creation. I've worked with all sorts of clients in and around Vancouver and Ottawa, including universities, start-ups, online shops, non-profit agencies, websites and small businesses - email me at channing(dot)s(dot)rodman@gmail.com and we can chat through what works for you!

Every so often, I do public speaking or workshops. Some of the themes I'm interested in include: how to get people to change their behaviour both on and offline; and how digital can better support well-being. I have lectured at Simon Fraser University about online games, and how companies are using them to engage millions of users in serious behavioural change, and I've taught advanced workshops on social media strategy, most recently for International Association of Business Communicators.

I have several side projects on the go at any time: right now I'm writing about the Titanic and planning a podcast about humans and work. I am a McGill graduate, I love libraries and currently, I'm living in Ottawa.